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It’s a shame that the best of our photos are only found on Instagram, Facebook, or buried in our phones and hoarding memory.

But I think that printing your work is the best solution to give it the credit it deserves. Send them, hang them, stick them, frame them, gift them… The options are endless to make your photos physical keepsakes.

I think this is the best way to go, because I’m always worried that my phone will break and I’ll lose all my photos over the past year or so. Or even worse – I accidentally delete them!

Personalised gift appAftersnap is a personalised gift app that focuses on publishing your best selfies or photographic memories in various forms. Printing your Instagram photos in particular as polaroids are perfect, as these fit the square dimensions of Instagram. There’s also room for a few words beneath your work to give your photo a title.

But if you’re like me and you have hundreds of photos from holidays or events, then publishing them all together in a photo book might be the way to go. Designing a book of your work acts as a hard-cover portfolio, which looks flash, professional and great on the bookshelf or coffee table.

Even more creatively, you can gift your favourite photos as a phone case or cushion. They are easy to make for display on phones or in living rooms as the perfect validation of your work.

The Aftersnap app is a great tool for online photo printing, where printing your memories is easier than ever.